Welcome to Andersen Trading Solutions!

We are dedicated to helping you enhance your trading results by utilizing highly effective, statistically-based quantitative trading analytics, original research, and actionable trading ideas.

World Class Analytics

Forex and Commodities dashboards give you powerful insights with unique analytical perspectives on what's moving, not moving, or poised for a breakout. This is accomplished by utilizing powerful statistics and ranking methodologies which are invisible to typical price chart analysis.

Actionable Trading Ideas

Moving beyond typical one-dimensional technical analysis, our unique intra-market insights along with proven trading strategies can serve as your stand-alone guide, or enhance your current strategy, to identify odds-driven low risk/high reward trading opportunities.

Andersen Bands

Statistically-based precise trading bands designed to track the trend direction and adjust to market volatility, Andersen Bands reduce lag, identify trends ahead of the crowd, quantify dynamic support & resistance, and objectively define stops.


Beyond Technical Analysis

We believe traditional technical analysis using common indicators is generally not very effective, mathematically weak, and over-saturated in use.

Through decades of research, development, and application with top-tier global institutions, we utilize quantitative analytics with statistically-based and robust mathematical formulas to develop a probabilistic modelling architecture for a leading edge in the markets.

Proprietary Analytics

When it comes to identifying unique market conditions for individual instruments or across an asset class, our proprietary analytics with clear conditional formatting makes it possible to quickly assess trends and anomalies with high probability outcomes.

Additionally, we utilize both intra-market and inter-market analysis and visual heat maps to assist in determining when the markets are more favorable to move directionally and when to change tactics for avoid trading choppy, adverse conditions.


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