Why Andersen Trading Solutions

Andersen Trading Solutions is focused on creating quantitative and technical analysis tools and research to help give traders an edge. We do this by utilizing robust mathematical and statistically based models and indicators that have been researched and developed for decades. Daily and weekly in-depth dashboards leverage powerful analytics that identify unique trading opportunities though quantitative and technical analysis of inter-market and individual trading instruments.

Additionally, you can benefit from trading with basic Andersen Bands, as well as advanced Andersen Bands & Channels (ABCs). The first publicly released Andersen Bands indicator was created by Jon D. Andersen and originally published in the September 1996 feature article of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities as "Standard Error Bands".

Since the initial publication in 1996, there have been more than two decades of refinement, discovery and advanced application of Andersen Bands and quantitative analytics. Until now, this has mostly benefited institutional clients including multi-billion dollar commercial traders.

Now you can have the same leading edge over other traders by implementing statistically-based research, and indicators in your trading strategies and tactics.

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