Andersen Bands

Andersen Bands

Andersen Bands is a quantitative technical indicator first published in September, 1996 as the feature article “Standard Error Bands” in the publication Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities (TASC).

Because they are constructed using mathematically based statistics, Andersen Bands track the trend along with the price volatility around the trend. This increased responsiveness to volatility leads to more precise and objective entry and exit points. Andersen Bands can be utilized in new or existing trading systems to help create a leading edge which may generate greater profits and smaller losses.


  • Statistically adjust and adapt to market conditions
  • Quantify dynamic support and resistance
  • Reduce lag
  • Identify trends ahead of the crowd
  • Objective entries and exits
  • Define optimal initial and trailing stops


Andersen Bands is a very precise, highly effective trading indicator that can be utilized with any trading instrument including: stocks, bonds, futures, and forex. They can be applied to charts ranging from very long-term to intra-day.

Additionally, Andersen Bands can be used as a standalone indicator when developing a strategy or in conjunction with other indicators.


When compared to traditional methods, Andersen Bands reduce lag and more effectively identify early indication of trend development and exhaustion, which leads to better timing and improved reliability of trading signals.


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